Body casting studio - Commission a sculpture or drawing,  view our bronze sculptures or buy our casting tutorials...ruction manual.  

 Olivier Duhamel - Sculptor
Bronzes, wood, acrylic sculptures.
Drawings and life castings, workshops and more....
Bodyscape Fine art studio - Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Sculptures and figurines
Finely crafted and highly collectible figurative bronze and wood.

View images of our bronze nude figurines. Figurative artworks exploring the nude female form.
Laminated timber sculptures   

Life Castings
Realistic sculptures of your own body.
Bust, torso, baby hands, pregnancy.

Explore this site further to see what can be done and discover the magic of having a sculpture made of your own body... Be amazed.

Pencil drawings
Nudes and portraits.
Delicately rendered pencil drawings.

Finely rendered pencil drawings on paper exploring the female nude.
Commission your pencil drawing portrait by a skilled artist...




I make moulds, cast your bronze and make anything your mind can conceive.

Books and art tutorials
Essential art books in paperback and ebook formats

This tutorial will show you a simple, safe and easy way to cast a small, fist size sculpture in bronze at little cost and little effort. an easy to follow life casting tutorial explaining how to make a beautiful sculpture of someone's bust.

Become an artist's model, learn bronze casting visit my studio.






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